Leather Master - Ultimate Easy Leather Care Kit

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This kit contains special products for the care of your leather products, including 16 high performance cloths.

  • 8 High Performance Protection Cream Cloths
  • 8 High Performance Soft Cleaner Cloths
  • 8ml Ink Lifter

The High Performance Protection Cream Cloth provides excellent protection against water, oil and alcohol-based stains for all aniline and pigmented leathers. It protects leather against every day wear, perspiration and greasy marks.

The High Performance Soft Cloth is a delicate detergent that does not alter the original properties of your leather or its finish. It can be used on all types of leather except unbuckle or suede.

The Ink Lifter is an easy to use product for the removal of ink and lipstick from protected leathers.

Always read the instructions provided with this kit before using the products.

The Protection Cream not suitable for bycast leather, nubuck or suede.

The Ink Lifter is designed for the removal of recent (3-5 days) ink on leather. It will not remove permanent markers from leather.

Before starting the treatment, test the products on a hidden area. Do not use the Ink Lifter if colour is lifted from the hidden area. Only use the Ink Lifter on pigmented leathers.

Width: 24cm

Depth: 21cm

Height: 7cm

Despatch of this item is approximately 2 days from the date of ordering.

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