Louis Vuitton Architecture of Luxury Coffee Table Book

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Evoking Emotions Through Architecture

For design aficionados and lovers of luxury, Assouline's "Louis Vuitton Skin: Architecture of Luxury (Singapore Edition)" offers a captivating exploration of the intersection between high fashion and architectural innovation. This beautifully crafted volume delves into the visionary world of Louis Vuitton's retail architecture, showcasing its commitment to creating a truly immersive experience for its customers.

A Journey Through Design: From São Paulo to Seoul

"Louis Vuitton Skin: Architecture of Luxury" is a global adventure guided by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Paul Goldberger. Goldberger explores the distinct architectural personalities of Louis Vuitton stores worldwide, from the vibrant energy of São Paulo to the sleek minimalism of Seoul. This captivating journey reveals Louis Vuitton's unique approach to retail design, where each store is a bespoke creation tailored to its specific location and cultural context.

Beyond Bricks and Mortar

Unlike conventional retail chains, Louis Vuitton eschews a uniform design aesthetic. Instead, the brand commissions renowned architects to create unique buildings with individual "skins" that evoke emotions and resonate with the surrounding environment. As Paul Goldberger aptly states, "None of Louis Vuitton's stores are designed to fit into the urban context in any conventional way... They are buildings designed to have the same appeal as the Maison's products, elevated to civic scale." These architectural narratives create a powerful visual experience, drawing customers into the world of Louis Vuitton luxury.

A Celebration of Radical Design

"Louis Vuitton Skin: Architecture of Luxury" isn't just about showcasing beautiful buildings – it's a celebration of radical design. The book features stores that push boundaries and redefine the concept of retail space. From the dramatic façade of the Beijing store to the playful glass facade of the New York City location, each structure embodies Louis Vuitton's commitment to artistic expression and innovation.

The Singapore Edition: A Collector's Item

"Louis Vuitton Skin: Architecture of Luxury" offers a unique opportunity for customization. With six cover options featuring some of Louis Vuitton's most architecturally stunning stores worldwide – Beijing, Paris, Seoul, New York City, Tokyo, and Singapore – you can choose the edition that resonates most with your design sensibilities. The Singapore edition, specifically, highlights the architectural marvel of the Louis Vuitton store in your region, making it a coveted collector's item.

Whether you're a design enthusiast, a fashion aficionado, or simply someone who appreciates innovation, "Louis Vuitton Skin: Architecture of Luxury (Singapore Edition)" is a must-have addition to your home decor collection.

Embark on a captivating exploration of Louis Vuitton's stunning global architecture with "Louis Vuitton Skin: Architecture of Luxury." Pulitzer Prize-winning author Paul Goldberger guides you through a thrilling journey, showcasing the distinct personalities of Louis Vuitton stores worldwide, from the vibrant streets of São Paulo to the sleek modernity of Seoul.

Forget cookie-cutter designs! Louis Vuitton takes a groundbreaking approach, commissioning bespoke buildings with unique "skins" for each location. These thoughtfully crafted exteriors resonate with the surrounding environment and evoke specific emotions, mirroring the high-quality products within. Each store becomes a powerful visual experience, drawing you into the world of Louis Vuitton luxury.

  • 245 Illustrations
  • English Language
  • Released in April 2023
  • Silk Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9781649802811


Width: 30.5cm

Length: 38.8cm

Depth: 4.2cm

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