Valentino Rosso: The Legends Collection - Fashion Coffee Table Book


A Dive into Valentino Red: The Legends Collection

Assouline's "The Legends Collection: Valentino Rosso" is a must-have addition to any home decor collection for the design aficionado with a penchant for high fashion and a touch of high art. This exquisite coffee table book transcends a simple fashion chronicle, instead offering a captivating exploration of Valentino's enduring love affair with the color red. Luxury interior design enthusiasts will find endless inspiration within its pages.

More Than Just a Colour: The Essence of Valentino

For Valentino, red isn't just a vibrant hue – it's the very essence of the brand. "Rosso Valentino" delves into this unique relationship, showcasing over 180 iconic pieces from the label's meticulously preserved archives. Spanning the eras of founder Valentino Garavani to the current creative director, Pierpaolo Piccioli, the book features everything from legendary silk ball gowns and haute couture chiffon creations to the instantly recognizable Rockstud pumps and VLogo signature belts.

A Catalogue Raisonné for Fashion Devotees

"The Legends Collection" is a definitive catalogue raisonné for Valentino enthusiasts. This beautifully crafted volume offers a visual feast, showcasing the evolution of Valentino's red aesthetic through the years. From the classic elegance of Garavani's designs to the bold experimentation of Piccioli, the book captures the diverse interpretations of this iconic colour within the Valentino universe.

A Conversation Starter for the Home

Beyond its historical significance, "The Legends Collection" is a stunning addition to any luxury home decor scheme. The book's vibrant photography and exploration of timeless design make it a captivating conversation starter, sure to spark discussions about fashion, art, and the enduring power of colour. Whether displayed on a coffee table or nestled amongst design bookshelves, "Rosso Valentino" injects a touch of high fashion and Italian flair into any living space.

Invest in a Legacy of Style

"The Legends Collection: Valentino Rosso" is more than just a coffee table book—it's an investment in a legacy of style. This exquisite volume offers a captivating journey through Valentino's history, celebrating the brand's unwavering commitment to innovation and unparalleled mastery of the colour red. For those who appreciate the intersection of luxury interior design and high fashion, "Rosso Valentino" is a must-have addition to their home decor collection.

Valentino. The very name evokes a sense of elegance, luxury, and a colour synonymous with the brand itself: red. For Valentino, red isn't just a colour – it's a philosophy. As founder Valentino Garavani himself declared, "For the Valentino maison, red is not just a colour. It is a non-fading mark, a logo, an iconic element of the brand, a value." This unwavering commitment to red is explored in stunning detail within Assouline's new release, "The Legends Collection: Valentino Rosso."

A Dive into the Valentino Archives

"Valentino Rosso" is more than just a coffee table book – it's a captivating journey into the heart of the Valentino brand. This exquisite volume delves into over fifty years of meticulously preserved archives, showcasing over 180 of Valentino's most iconic creations. Luxury fashion enthusiasts will revel in the opportunity to revisit legendary silk ball gowns and haute couture chiffon masterpieces. The book also features the label's more contemporary designs, including the instantly recognisable Rockstud pumps and VLogo signature belts.

  • 304 pages
  • Over 200 Illustrations
  • English Language
  • Released in October 2022


Width: 30.7cm

Length: 39cm

Depth: 6.5cm

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