Architects envision futuristic ring to encircle the world's tallest building in Dubai

Architects have proposed a futuristic three-kilometer-wide, five-story-high ring structure building to encircle the Burj Khalifa - the world's tallest building as part of a mega construction project that would forever change Dubai's famous skyline.

The concept, known as Downtown Circle, is the brainchild of ZNera Space's principal architects Najmus Chowdry and Nils Remess who have envisioned a first-of-its-kind wrap around ring structure that would stand 550 meters above street level, offering commercial and residential space in Dubai's congested city.

Supported by five large pillars, the structure would contain luxury apartments, offices, leisure and cultural facilities, retail and dining spaces, and more, with and overall circumference of more than 1.8 miles.

No official plans have been submitted to begin the futuristic Downtown Circle project, with the principal architects confirming the concept was meant to be a conversation starter,” adding it is something that could trigger people to rethink urban development.

As detailed by the architects, the mega-structure would focus on sustainability, community, and multi-functional space that includes a greenbelt that would run through the entire structure, offering a space for exercising, relaxing, and more.

Images courtesy of ZNera Space