Burberry: The Definitive History - Luxury Coffee Table Book


Beyond the Trench: A Journey Through Time

For the homeware aficionado with an eye for iconic design, Burberry's new coffee table book is more than just a browse – it's a luxurious immersion into the rich heritage of a fashion powerhouse. Luxury interior design enthusiasts will find this richly illustrated volume to be the perfect addition to a curated home decor collection. At the same time, those with a passion for high art and fashion will revel in the brand's remarkable story.

A Legacy in Print

Burberry, a title synonymous with British style, unveils over 165 years of innovation and heritage within its pages. This beautifully crafted book delves into the brand's evolution, from its humble beginnings as a family-run company in 1856 to its status as a global luxury icon.

Divided into five chapters and boasting over 200 illustrations, the Burberry coffee table book offers a captivating exploration of the brand's defining moments. Expect to be transported through time, encountering the tales of inspiring explorers who donned the label's iconic trench coat, a garment that has transcended fashion trends to become a symbol of timeless British identity.

A Celebration of Enduring Style

The book delves into the design signatures that cemented Burberry's place in fashion history. From the instantly recognisable check pattern to the impeccable tailoring of the trench coat, each chapter sheds light on how these elements have been reimagined and reinvented throughout the years. Burberry's dedication to craftsmanship and its enduring embodiment of British style are woven throughout the narrative, making this a must-have for anyone who appreciates timeless design.

Invest in Heritage

The Burberry coffee table book transcends a simple chronicle – a conversation piece, a testament to heritage, and a celebration of enduring style. For those seeking to elevate their home decor with a touch of luxury and a story to tell, this exquisite volume is an investment piece that will bring a touch of timeless British elegance to any living space.

Burberry is a story of creativity, exploration, innovation and community - all of which continue to be at the heart of the brand.

— Carly Eck, Brand Curator, Archive, Burberry

For over 165 years, Burberry has been synonymous with luxury British fashion. The brand's iconic trench coat, a timeless piece transcending trends, is just one element that has cemented Burberry's place in fashion history. High fashion enthusiasts continue to be captivated by Burberry's dedication to innovation and its enduring embodiment of British style.

More Than Fashion: A Lifestyle Brand

Burberry extends beyond the runway. The brand offers a complete luxury lifestyle experience, encompassing everything from ready-to-wear and accessories to luxury homeware. Burberry enthusiasts can experience the brand's heritage through various avenues, making it a favorite among those who appreciate quality and timeless design.

  • 250+ Pages
  • 200 Illustrations
  • Released in March 2023
  • Linen Hardcover in Linen Slipcase
  • ISBN: 9781649801609


Width: 27.8cm

Length: 35.4cm

Depth: 4.5cm

Despatch of this item is approximately 7 to 10 days from the date of ordering.

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