Gold: The Impossible Collection Luxury Coffee Table Book

Model: TI3994


A Gilded Obsession

Assouline's "The Ultimate Collection: Gold: The Impossible Collection" offers a treasure trove unlike any other for the design aficionado with a penchant for the opulent. More than just a coffee table book for luxury interior design, this exquisitely crafted volume is a captivating exploration of humanity's enduring love affair with gold.

A Journey Through Time and Culture

Gold's allure transcends mere monetary value. "The Ultimate Collection" delves into the history and symbolism of this precious metal, showcasing its presence across various cultures and eras. From the glittering pagodas of Southeast Asia to the opulent halls of Versailles, the book explores how gold has been used to represent power, divinity, and artistic expression.

A Feast for the Eyes: Masterpieces in Gold

Art transcends the limitations of physical form, and "The Ultimate Collection" beautifully embodies this concept. Featuring insightful text by art historian Bérénice Geoffroy-Schneiter, the book showcases 100 of the rarest and most awe-inspiring gold creations in existence. Witness the stunning craftsmanship of ancient civilizations alongside the innovative designs of contemporary artists like Man Ray and Chris Burden.

A Collector's Dream: The Special Edition

A special edition of "The Ultimate Collection" is available for the true connoisseur of luxury. This handcrafted volume is nestled in a luxurious gold-leaf covered case, featuring a clear sliding lid infused with gold flakes. This exquisite presentation elevates the book from a mere coffee table accessory to a centrepiece of any opulent home decor collection.

An Investment in Opulence: Beyond the Book

The indulgence doesn't stop at the book itself. Each Assouline's Ultimate Collection purchase includes a pair of complimentary white gloves and a signature canvas tote bag, making it a truly exceptional gift for yourself or the gold enthusiast in your life.

As the Chinese proverb aptly states: "A moment of time is an ounce of gold, but a moment of time cannot be purchased for an ounce of gold." "The Ultimate Collection: Gold: The Impossible Collection" allows you to capture a timeless piece of history, forever preserving the captivating allure of this precious metal.

Beyond the Bookstore: Assouline - Where Luxury Meets Culture

Assouline isn't your typical publishing house.  Founded in 1994 by Prosper and Martine Assouline, the brand has carved a unique niche in the world of luxury publishing, becoming synonymous with coffee table books that are as beautiful as they are informative.  Assouline books are more than just reading material – they're design objects, conversation starters, and coveted additions to any home decor collection.

A Passion for Storytelling

Assouline's success lies in its dedication to exceptional storytelling.  The brand's diverse library spans a wide range of topics, from fashion and art to architecture, photography, and travel.  Each book is meticulously curated, featuring stunning visuals and insightful text by renowned authors and experts.

  • 214 Illustrations
  • English Language
  • Released in July 2022
  • Black Rubber Clamshell Box with Metal Plate
  • ISBN: 9781649800497


Width: 39cm

Length: 47cm

Depth: 4.2cm

Despatch of this item is approximately 7 to 10 days from the date of ordering.

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