Orange Sequin Decorative Cushions (Set of 4) - Sold with Cushion Inserts

Model: TIX008

£10 £40
This 35cmx35cm Orange Sequin Decorative Cushion is a stunning accent piece that effortlessly infuses any space with a touch of glamour and vibrancy.

Its compact square dimensions make it versatile, fitting seamlessly into a range of settings from living rooms to bedrooms or even a chic office space. The vibrant shade of orange exudes warmth and energy, instantly uplifting the atmosphere. What truly sets this cushion apart is its sequin detailing that covers the entire surface, adding a delightful play of light and texture.

The sequins catch and reflect ambient light, creating a mesmerizing shimmer effect that draws the eye. Whether placed on a sofa, bed, or accent chair, this cushion is bound to be a conversation starter and a focal point of admiration.

Consult a specialist dry cleaner for care instructions. Not suitable for machine or hand washing.

This is a "Special Order" item.

Width: 35cm

Depth: 35cm

Despatch of this item is approximately 7 to 10 days from the date of ordering.

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