Touched Interiors named 'Best Luxury Interior Design Studio' at BUILD 2022 Home & Garden Awards

We are pleased to announce that Touched Interiors has won at the BUILD 2022 Home & Garden Awards in the category of 'Best Luxury Interior Design Studio,' receiving the prestigious accolade in recognition of our commitment to excellence, innovation and respected reputation as a leader in the world's of the most exclusive and luxurious made-to-order furniture, lighting, home accessories and bespoke interior design services.

Touched Interiors was founded in 2009 by Kunal Trehan, providing high-end interior design services to elite clients across the globe. As the company grew and his design portfolio expanded, Kunal started to notice a lack of new, never-before-seen made-to-order luxury furniture, lighting and home accessories for his projects and took the step to expand the business further, by traveling the world to discover new European furnishings that could be brought to the UK and introduced to the exclusive luxury market he had well-established himself in.

After becoming one of the world's first high-end online retailers of luxury home furnishings, in 2014 the flagship Touched Interiors showroom and interior “Design Centre” opened its doors on 23rd March - creating a place where clients could see and discover the world's most luxurious furniture, lighting and home accessories.

“We are thrilled to take home the title of 'Best Luxury Interior Design Studio' at this year's Home & Garden Awards,” said Tom Sykes, Touched Interiors' showroom manager.  “Our incredible design team work hard to offer a complete turnkey bespoke design service for the most discerning private clientele who value exquisite design and only settle for an exceptional service and memorable experience.”

Touched Interiors specialises in creating the finest luxury interiors for our discerning clientele across the world by pushing the boundaries of what they thought could be possible through the use of the most luxurious materials, bespoke furniture, lighting and joinery combined with our decades worth of expertise to show that there is truly no boundaries when it comes to creating dream homes.

Our specialism not only lies in private residences. We can work with clients to design luxury yachts, private planes and international homes.

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