Touched Interiors was founded by the visionary, renowned interior designer, Kunal Trehan, over a decade ago. The frustration of having a vision, but the lack of materials and products available to execute his vision, was the driving force behind the birth of the brand - established in 2009.

Kunal set out to create a brand that was able to offer a complete turnkey service for the most discerning private clientele who valued exquisite design, craftsmanship & would only settle for an exceptional service and memorable experience.

Another factor was that everything created by Touched Interiors would be bespoke, made to order & customisable to truly enable designs to be created that are individual as the client & project.

With this in mind three sectors were combined together and the magic of Touched Interiors was brought to clients in the UK and worldwide.

Interior design, retail & manufacturing were all paramount to creating a brand where its designers and sales associates understood all elements of the design journey & were qualified to overcome all limitations and challenges presented in the design & supply chain process.

Today, Touched Interiors has a multi-award-winning design practice and retail division, both online & in-store, as well as production houses across Europe. We have formed key, exclusive partnerships with suppliers & service providers in all aspects of the interiors and construction sector to admirably accomplish any project in any location. With clients based across the globe, Touched Interiors is renowned for creating high end designs and representing only the most accomplished brands and building client relationships which last.

Most recently, Kunal has joined BBC One interior design series Virtually Home” as one of the show’s interior experts. See more here

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