Gold: The Impossible Collection Coffee Table Book

Model: TI3994

Gold, an everlasting symbol of wealth and glory, has captivated humanity since ancient times. It's pure, dazzling nature, witnessed in various roles from adorning rulers to gracing haute couture runways, renders it a perennial icon. Celebrated by artists such as Klimt and Warhol, gold's luminosity and resilience symbolise both visible and invisible forces. From ancient civilisations to modern creations, this Ultimate Collection volume by Bérénice Geoffroy-Schneiter showcases 100 treasures, highlighting gold's universal appeal and luxury. The special edition comes in a handcrafted gold-leaf covered case with a clear lid infused with gold flakes.
  • 214 Illustrations
  • English Language
  • Released in July 2022
  • Black Rubber Clamshell Box with Metal Plate
  • ISBN: 9781649800497

Width: 39cm

Length: 47cm

Depth: 4.2cm

Despatch of this item is approximately 7 to 10 days from the date of ordering.

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