Kelly Wearstler Rousseau Grande Eight Light Articulating Chandelier


A Masterpiece of Modern Opulence

Luxury lighting takes centre stage with the introduction of the Rousseau Grande Eight Light Articulating Chandelier from Kelly Wearstler's Signature Collection. This masterpiece showcases a stunning marriage of high-end interior design and artisanal craftsmanship.

The Essence of Modern Design

Kelly Wearstler's Rousseau series is a celebration of modern design principles. Minimalist silhouettes and meticulously crafted details define each piece, like the Rousseau Grande Chandelier. This exceptional chandelier exemplifies the perfect union of form and function, ensuring not only breathtaking aesthetics but also practical illumination. A choice of finishes, including Burnished Brass, Bronze, and Polished Nickel, allows for customisation to perfectly complement your existing décor. Paired with stunning etched crystal lenses, these finishes create an atmosphere of refined elegance, casting a captivating, ethereal glow throughout your space.

A Beacon of Modern Opulence

The grandeur of the eight-light design makes the Rousseau Grande Chandelier a focal point that commands attention. However, its brilliance extends beyond size. The rotational feature allows you to customise the lighting arrangement, ensuring perfect illumination for any occasion. This versatile masterpiece transcends the boundaries of residential design. Whether gracing a grand foyer, a formal dining room, or a spacious living area, the chandelier adds a touch of understated luxury that seamlessly integrates into both contemporary and classic settings. Furthermore, its damp location rating allows you to introduce this touch of modern opulence to various areas of your home.

California's Rugged Beauty, Reimagined.

Founded in 1995, Kelly Wearstler has evolved from a celebrated interior design studio into a global force. Wearstler's design philosophy is an alchemy, a masterful blend of history and modernity, imagination and discipline. This unique perspective informs everything she creates, from sprawling residential estates to meticulously designed lighting collections. Wearstler's vision transcends mere aesthetics, crafting multi-faceted, experiential environments where every detail tells a story.

In the world of Kelly Wearstler design, lighting plays a starring role. It's more than just illumination; it's the conductor of the design orchestra, ensuring each element works in harmony. From modern, statement chandeliers to sculptural bedside lamps, Wearstler's lighting portfolio offers a solution for every space and design aesthetic.

Behind the brilliance of Kelly Wearstler is a dedicated multidisciplinary team. These designers and architects share Wearstler's passion for detail and a commitment to pushing creative boundaries. Their belief in the coexistence of seemingly disparate elements – history and modernity, for example – fuels the innovation that defines Kelly Wearstler design.

This piece is fully customisable, available in bespoke sizes and finishes.

This is a "Special Order" item.

O/A Height: 132.08 cm
Fixture Height: 35.56 cm
Min. Custom Height: 48.26 cm
Width: 165.10 cm
Canopy: 10.16 cm Round
Socket: Dedicated LED
Wattage: 35w (4200lm)
IP Rating: IP20 Class II
Custom Height Available
Weight: 10 kg

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