Louis Vuitton Manufactures: The Classics Collection Coffee Table Book


A Glimpse Inside Louis Vuitton's World

Luxury aficionados and design enthusiasts rejoice! Assouline's "The Classics Collection: Louis Vuitton Manufactures" offers a captivating peek behind the curtain of the iconic French fashion house. More than just a coffee table book for luxury interior design, this exquisitely crafted volume is a testament to high art and fashion. Prepare to be transported on a journey into the heart of Louis Vuitton's legacy, where tradition meets innovation.

Beyond the Boutique: A Celebration of Artisanal Expertise

Louis Vuitton is synonymous with luxury, but "The Classics Collection" goes beyond showcasing finished products. This unique volume delves into the brand's very soul: its ateliers. Through stunning, exclusive photographs, the book unveils the extraordinary locations and buildings that house Louis Vuitton's skilled artisans.

A Dedication to Savoir-Faire: From Normandy to Texas

Louis Vuitton's commitment to regional expertise is evident in the geographically diverse locations of its ateliers. From the historic charm of Normandy to the cutting-edge facilities in Texas, the book showcases the beauty and diversity of these creative spaces. This dedication to regional excellence ensures a unique character and tradition in each Louis Vuitton creation.

A Legacy Carried Forward: Artisans and Innovation

"The Classics Collection" isn't just about physical spaces – it's about the people who breathe life into Louis Vuitton's designs. The book celebrates the artistry and dedication of the brand's talented artisans. Witness the meticulous craftsmanship and innovative techniques employed to create everything from iconic trunks and handbags to exquisite fragrances and high jewellery.

More Than Luggage: A Philosophy of Innovation

As Louis Vuitton Chairman and CEO Michael Burke himself states, "Fundamentally, it's not about luggage, it's about innovation." "The Classics Collection" embodies this philosophy. The book explores how Louis Vuitton's artisans seamlessly blend time-honoured techniques with cutting-edge advancements, ensuring the brand remains at the forefront of luxury fashion.

A Must-Have for Design Devotees

Whether you're a die-hard Louis Vuitton fan or simply appreciate luxury and high art, "The Classics Collection: Louis Vuitton Manufactures" is a captivating addition to any home decor collection. The book's stunning visuals and exploration of artisanal heritage and innovation make it a conversation starter unlike any other. Displayed prominently on a coffee table, it injects a touch of Parisian flair and timeless design into any living space.

Invest in a Legacy

"The Classics Collection: Louis Vuitton Manufactures" is more than just a book – it's an investment in a legacy. This beautifully crafted volume offers a unique glimpse into the world of Louis Vuitton, celebrating the brand's dedication to craftsmanship, innovation, and timeless design.

Louis Vuitton. The name evokes images of luxury travel and timeless design. But what truly sets Louis Vuitton apart is its unwavering commitment to artisanal excellence. Assouline's new release, "The Classics Collection: Louis Vuitton Manufactures," takes us on a captivating journey into the heart of the brand, revealing the soul that breathes life into its iconic creations.

Forget the glossy storefronts and fashion shows. "The Classics Collection" delves deep into the essence of Louis Vuitton: it's ateliers. These extraordinary workshops, scattered across France, Switzerland, Italy, and even Texas, are the beating heart of the brand. Stunning, exclusive photographs showcase the unique character of each atelier, highlighting the beauty and history of their locations.

  • 400 Pages
  • 350+ Illustrations
  • English Language
  • Released in February 2022
  • Silk Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9781649800763


Width: 24.3cm

Length: 33cm

Depth: 4.5cm

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