Textile Master - SOS FabricCare Kit

Model: TI3973

£15.50 £25.50

For the emergency cleaning and removal of fabric stains around your home. The ultimate cleaning and stain removal product.

  • 225ml Textile Cleaner
  • 100ml Stain Away
  • 5x 5g Ox'Cleaner
  • 100 ml Resistant Stain Cleaner
  • 1 Soft Cloth
  • 1 Sponge
  • 1 Bath Mitt
  • Tip Card for Product Use
  • 1x Brochure

The Textile Cleaner is a very efficient cleaner for general soiling, perspiration and fatty dirt. Stain Away removes fresh stains, even ball point pen on microfibers and protected fabrics. The Ox Cleaner treats stains caused by drink, food, urine, blood, rings, water marks and yellowing etc, and the Resistant Stain Cleaner is a product for old or resistant stains like marker, ballpoint pen, lipstick, make-up, shoe polish & wax.

Always read the instructions provided with this kit before using the products.

Always test each product in an inconspicuous area before use.  Clean using gentle circular movements, never rub aggressively.  If the white cleaning cloths pick up colour or the appearance of the fabric changes, discontinue use.

Width: 16cm

Depth: 6cm

Height: 20cm

Despatch of this item is approximately 2 days from the date of ordering.

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