7 Reasons Why Interior Designers Love Italian Furniture

Italy, known for its unparalleled architectural designs, historical monuments, mesmerising art, and landscapes, is also famous for its stunning luxury furniture. Italian furniture has a unique appeal that has made the famous "Made in Italy" label a trusted symbol of quality and sophisticated style.

Here are seven reasons why interior designers love Italian furniture, and why the "Made in Italy" tagline has become synonymous within the high-end luxury furniture industry.


Italy has been making remarkable furniture for centuries, and the reason behind this is the quality they offer. The quality of the material used is of utmost importance to Italian craftsmen. They always use high-quality raw materials to craft pieces that last a lifetime and designed to the highest calibre.


Italian furniture is renowned for its excellent design. Italian craftsmen have a great passion for architecture and design, which is reflected in their work. The designs they create are classically elegant and contemporary but always with a touch of Italian style and excellence.


Italian craftsman expertise is known around the world. They employ a blend of traditional and modern techniques to create furniture that is unique and of the highest quality. Highly skilled and experienced craftsmen work tirelessly through the country to keep the famous "Made in Italy" label a continued symbol of quality

Aesthetic Appeal

Another reason why Italy makes the best furniture is the aesthetic beauty of their designs. Italian furniture is known for its clean lines and elegant curves, creating an effortless blend of functionality and visual appeal. From hand-stitched upholstery to intricate wood carvings, Italian craftsman are known for turning visionary dream designs into reality.


Italian furniture designs often incorporate the country's traditional and cultural heritage, adding to their unique appeal. Italian craftsman often follow in the footsteps of their elders, with generations of skilled specialists producing high-end designs for generations.


Italian furniture is diverse in range, type, and purpose. From classic to modern designs, the Italian furniture industry has a vast array of products. At Touched Interiors, we partner with many exclusive Italian furniture brands, all of which present variety and unique furniture, lighting and home accessory designs. 


Italian furniture is an artistic masterpiece. The high artistic value of Italian furniture makes it a perfect representation of the country's culture.

Italy's passion for design and commitment to quality craftsmanship and aesthetics has enabled the country to be well known for producing stunning furniture. Italian furniture is a combination of luxury, art, and functionality, making it one of the most desired commodities globally.

Italy's love and respect for great design, highly skilled craftsmanship, and attention to detail will continue to see the country produce high-end furniture that are unparalleled in beauty and quality, with a wide selection of some of the finest pieces available in-store and online at Touched Interiors.