Luxurious Baobab Collection Scented Candles & Home Fragrances Now Available at Touched Interiors

Touched Interiors are thrilled to present the world-renowned Baobab Collection — a luxurious line of high-end scented candles and home fragrances that are mixed, blended and curated by skilled artisans to create a unique, enticing sensory experience.

Available from Touched Interiors in-store and online, the Baobab Collection offers more than just a pleasant scent; the scented candles and home fragrances envelop their surroundings in an atmosphere of opulence and luxury and leave a lasting impression on your senses.

From sweet scents to woodsy, musky, or floral, luxury candles, and fine fragrances, the Baobab Collection is available in various scents that appeal to different preferences. These scents can evoke different emotions, creating a relaxing environment, or inspire creativity.

Luxury candles are a perfect way to bring an aura of luxury and sophistication to your home. Handcrafted and infused with carefully selected scents, the Baobab Collection candles come in exquisite vessels designed to complement your home's decor.

Rich layers of top, middle, and base notes, the lineup offers up to 800 hours of burn time, ensuring a long-lasting scent for months.

We invite you to explore the Baobab Collection unique sensory experience at Touched Interiors. 

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