'Art Is Like the Lipstick and Mascara to Any Interior': An Interview With Vardit Lunzer From Quintessa Art

Established over three decades ago and now with a team of 15 employees, Quintessa Art is a renowned international art consultancy and creative studio designing bespoke, made-to-order luxury artwork for the finest high-end interiors.

Touched Interiors and Quintessa Art work closely together on projects around the world. We sat down with Vardit Lunzer, joint managing director of Quintessa to discuss the importance of artwork to complete a luxury interior and take a peek into the creative process behind the studio's luxurious creations, which are available to purchase at Touched Interiors. Click here to see more from Quintessa Art

What is the creative process behind designing new pieces?

Quintessa is trend led. We have Trend specialists advising us on the current design trends. We employ 4 in-house designers who design new series according to the current trends. When these designs have been made and approved. Each artwork will be produced to ensure that the real artwork is as stunning as the design. We then select the correct frame so that the final piece looks beautiful. It takes many months to get a new range ready to launch.

Why is artwork so important to complete an interior?

Artwork gives a room gravitas. I believe art is like the lipstick and mascara to any interior. Art should never be an afterthought; it should always be selected as part of the interior design journey for each room. Correctly chosen, artwork can unify all the other elements of the room. A room without art is empty and has no soul. Empty walls are very sad. 

Art is visually attractive and adds glamour to a room. It makes a room complete and finishes any luxurious design. 

Do you have a favourite design?

I have no favourites – I love most of the artworks that we design.  We are dedicated to introducing only good designs into our range. If any artwork is designed and is not well received, we will drop it from the range. We want all clients to feel confident that the range we offer is considered, on trend, and well-priced.

What does the future have in store for Quintessa Art?

We have just introduced a lovely new collection Tymos. This is currently a  mainline collection  and we are developing Tymos Q2, which will be launched in November. Quintessa is always pushing forward on their level of design, experimenting with new techniques and materials. We do not stay still.


With its luxe colour palette, hand-finished deluxe frame and calming brushstrokes, the Hand-Painted Luxury Mooga Stretched Canvas is a luxurious piece for the most deserving high-end interior spaces.

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Skilfully created to add character and a sense of energy to any living space, one of our favourites from the Quintessa Art collection is the eye-catching Luvia Golden Field Hand-Painted Artwork. This piece is perfect to complete any high-end modern or contemporary interior, working beautifully in dining rooms, hallways and entertainment spaces.

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You have seen just a small selection of the many inspirational luxury pieces of art available from Touched Interiors. Discover more Quintessa Art pieces online with complimentary delivery on orders over £500*.

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