Designer Top Tips to Make a Bedroom More Luxurious

The bedroom is a place we want to make feel warm, cozy and inviting, giving us a place to relax and unwind in our own sanctuary. With this in mind, it is only right that the bedroom is given first class treatment when it comes to designing the space and finding the perfect furniture and fixings to make our private paradise come to life. 

In this guide, we look at some designer top tips to make the bedroom more luxurious, including how to use lighting to set the ambiance and control the tone of the room, how the use of oversized artwork can enhance the space and make the bedroom look larger, and how soft furnishings bring the room together and are the finishing touch to complete any high-end bedroom suite. 


It goes without saying that the bedstead and headboard are the centre of attention in any bedroom. To create the luxe bedroom aesthetic seen in high-end hotels and master boudoirs around the world, you should find a quality bed with an accompanying headboard. The two together instantly create a focal point in the room and set the mood for the rest of the interior.

The headboard is just as important as the bedstead itself when it comes to creating a luxury ambiance. If space allows, consider a headboard that extends along the wall to the edge of the bedside tables, this instantly creates a luxe appeal, and creates a togetherness between the bed, headboard and other pieces around the bed.

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Lighting is one of the most important elements to consider when creating your luxurious bedroom space. In the bedroom, you should carefully consider the placement of your lighting, and the type of lighting you intend to incorporate.

Bedside lighting, such as table lamps or low-hanging suspension lamps create a background light that sets the atmosphere for the rest of the room. Recessed downlights above wardrobes and curtains create a waterfall lighting effect, helping make the room look larger. When considering ceiling lighting, avoid lights that shine directly downwards, avoiding an unpleasant glare when lying in bed. 

Dimmable lighting allows you to set the ambiance and control the tone of the room. Dim, atmospheric lighting gives you the autonomy to create a tranquil sanctuary at night, and a bright, airy ambiance during the day.

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The best way to inject colour and warmth into your bedroom interior is by using a mix of plump duck feather filled cushions combined with an irresistibly soft throw.

Throws are not only an aesthetic piece in the bedroom, they also provide great warmth. Most commonly, throws are used to add an additional decorative element to a bed, especially when placed at the foot of the mattress and cascade onto the floor.

Cushions make a bed look stylish, cosy and inviting. Despite cushions being a designer's favourite to bring a luxurious bedroom together, too many cushions can appear messy and busy, so it is important to find the balance that works for your space.

Luxury hotels often use large cushions to make the bed feel more relaxing and inviting. A designer's tip when arranging your bedroom cushions is to place plain, darker coloured cushions towards the headboard, and then cascade down the bed to put patterned ones at the front.

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Oversized artwork will bring together the elements of a room by becoming a focal point that will not only set the atmosphere for the ambiance, but will also help you add depth, character and the illusion of more space.

A good rule is to hang your artwork so that the centre of the piece is at eye level.

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We hope you feel inspired to create your own luxurious bedroom with these designer top tips. As specialists in luxury interior design, Touched Interiors has a wealth of knowledge and expertise turning our client's dream interiors into reality.

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