Kunal Trehan joins new BBC One “Virtually Home” series as design expert

With great excitement, we're thrilled to reveal that Kunal Trehan - the design visionary behind Touched Interiors - will be one of the experts on the brand new Virtually Home” interior design series airing this autumn on BBC One and iPlayer.

Using the latest state of the art light technology and his years worth of design expertise, Kunal will help homeowners who are stuck in a design rut & take them on a journey using virtual reality to demonstrate how they can unlock a magnificent design within their desired spend without encountering any expensive mistakes.

The series will feature four of the UK’s leading interior designers, with Kunal handling projects across the country that are brought to life through state of the art light technology without headsets to immerse the contributors into a virtual reality experience.

Each instalment in the 15-episode Virtually Home” series sees one of the program's four expert interior designers meet with contributors across the country to discuss their design dilemmas, with the experts proposing bespoke designs created with the contributors' individuality at their core, helping households with opposing design ideas transform their home and unlock designs they fall in love with.

Embracing the latest VR technology and putting it to use in a way never seen before by a daytime audience, the show sees Kunal illustrate his designs by inviting the contributors to step inside the world of virtual reality to give them the unique opportunity to explore and experience their proposed interior in an artificial three-dimensional visual environment.

Watch Virtually Home beginning Monday 29th November 2021 on BBC One and iPlayer.

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