Discover the world's finest hand-made Sanātana Dharma murti

Let us introduce you to the world's finest collection of Sanātana Dharma murti. Master works fashioned with the utmost attention to detail that pay homage to the history and cultural wealth of Hinduism, its gods, celebrations and traditions.

Handcrafted by artists in Spain, each piece in this luxurious new collection is made with the highest detail and respect. They enhance the beauty and message conveyed by Hindu gods and inspire those who behold them.

With a mix of limited edition pieces, including special creations to celebrate Dawali, we're excited to introduce you to these luxe pieces that allow you to display the greatness of the eternal religion throughout your interior.

The new Sanātana Dharma murti collection is available now to shop online at, with pieces arriving soon to see and discover at the flagship Touched Interiors showroom.

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