Private Residence - Bolton

The brief was to achieve a space that was breath-taking but at the same time capable of being truly used and lived in. This was not going to just be a show space that’s never used.  

Being involved at the architectural stage enabled us to design the architectural interiors into this renovation project. We wanted to take a dark and dated space and bring a new lease of life into it with a design that was not just luxurious but truly international. A feature staircase that melts out of the ceiling and wall lighting that is hugged by the structure of the building alongside coffer and dropped ceilings were all part of the early design stages.

We wanted to achieve a connection between the floor and ceiling spaces but also use these connections to define living spaces in rooms which were open plan.

To enable the client to really open up the space when entertaining we designed into the fabric of the building pocket doors, which would disappear when needed but equally give the client true individual rooms to achieve more of a traditional setting. This design is a marriage of contemporary and traditional design, which can be interchanged when required.

Through a detailed tile design, border design and recessed carpet design, we created a space that has a uniform feel but with a personality to each room. A custom design and built kitchen by Touched Interiors, takes centre stage in the entertainment space.

The furnishings were all individually designed and custom made for this project with the perfect finish and upholstery chosen for each piece. Luxe brass, porcelain floors and silk wallcoverings alongside bespoke lighting and window treatments finish the look to perfection.

Automated mood lighting all controllable at the touch of a button gives function and form.